Book review: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

21irrefutablelawsofleadershipSo I’ve decided to get more in touch with my soft skills. First book I’ve got is The 21¬†Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. It’s truly great one.


I was quite surprised¬†that book was so easy to read. Every chapter takes less than hour. Each law has story related to it which easily explains how it works in real leadership. It makes it fun to read. Overall great value and if you’re new to leading it will give you quite a lot things to think about and probably change in your life for greater results :)

At the end of the book you can find all the laws with quotes and references to other books for further investigation. It’s nice as this post supposed to be this kind of thing and by second scroll through book I’ve found this appendix with cool stuff.

To keep my online memo you can find list of all leadership laws below.

The Laws of Leadership

  1. The law of the lid
  2. The law of influence
  3. The law of process
  4. The law of navigation
  5. The law of addition
  6. The law of solid ground
  7. The law of respect
  8. The law of intuition
  9. The law of magnetism
  10. The law of connection
  11. The law of inner circle
  12. The law of empowerment
  13. The law of the picture
  14. The law of buy-in
  15. The law of the victory
  16. The law of big Mo[mentum]
  17. The law of priorities
  18. The law of sacrifice
  19. The law of timing
  20. The law of explosive growth
  21. The law of the legacy